Young woman reimbursed for lost gear on her way to Himalayas

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A $4,000 nightmare averted

Everest Base Camp

A Michigan woman was looking forward to finally seeing the Himalayas, and even more excited when she landed in Kathmandu, but all of that joy disappeared into thin air when her newly purchased gear never showed up at the baggage carousel.

Among the missing items: an $870 Western Mountaineer sleeping bag, a $749 Arcteryx parka, and a $200 Patagonia down jacket: all of which the Ripcord Rescue Travel Insurance client had to replace in order to go forward with her trek to Everest base camp. This 30th birthday present, a solo trip to Nepal that she scrimped and saved to afford, was turning into a $4,000 nightmare to remember.

The woman filed a claim with Ripcord when she arrived back home in the United States. Redpoint staff first worked diligently to get her the money she was due from the airlines, and then Ripcord reimbursed her for the balance of what she had spent on her critical sporting goods.

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