Ripcord client rescued from Everest Base Camp due to chest infection

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Descent and medication not enough for pulmonary emergency

A Ripcord Rescue Travel Insurance client experienced a chest infection while climbing in the Himalayas and was rescued by Redpoint via helicopter to Kathmandu.

The client was at Everest Base Camp when he began to experience supraventricular tachycardia, or an abnormally fast heart rate, due to a suspected respiratory infection. His tour guides decided he should descent to Pheriche at about 14,340 feet to recuperate.

Medical staff on the mountain first prescribed an antibiotic to address the infection, and when that failed to alleviate the symptoms, prescribed beta blockers to lower his blood pressure. He started to feel better, was symptom free, and was able to ascend back up to Everest Base Camp.

But as he approached base camp, the symptoms re-appeared and worsened, and his tour leaders called Redpoint for evacuation. Redpoint rescued him via helicopter at Everest Base Camp and flew him to a clinic in Kathmandu.

There, he was evaluated by physicians who confirmed the diagnosis of a chest infection. He was soon discharged and able to board his return flight to San Francisco.

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