Redpoint helps Ripcord client and family out of the wilds of Wyoming

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Threatened by a summer snowstorm

Richard’s group traverses a glacier

A Ripcord Rescue Travel Insurance client and his family were out on an eight-day backpacking trip through the Wind River Range of Wyoming, near Grand Teton National Park, when they ran into a problem: a late-summer snowstorm that threatened to keep them stranded on a mountainside with dwindling food supplies.

Over the first five days of the hike they had traversed glaciers and forged little-used paths to access Alpine lakes and campsites at 11,000 feet. On Day 6, the unexpected storm moved in, dropping the temperatures to about 10 degrees Fahrenheit, blanketing the mountain with snow and whipping up high winds that snapped the main support pole of their new tent.

“That’s when we contacted Ripcord,” said Richard Cornelius. “It wasn’t an emergency yet, but it could have become one if the storm were to last and we were stranded out there without food.”

From their campsite at 10,800 feet, Richard texted Redpoint via his two-way satellite device, requesting information about the weather and to alert local authorities of their location. Redpoint confirmed that the weather was expected to clear by the next morning, initiated contact with local park rangers and mapped out the most expedient route for the group back to their trailhead — keeping in regular contact about their progress and condition throughout.

Ultimately Richard and his group were able to make it back to the trailhead and return home without incident.

“I had always heard good things about you guys, and I was very impressed how your people handled this,” Richard said. “I spoke with a number of different Redpoint people and I really can’t say enough about their professionalism. There was just the right amount of contact with us – not too little, and not too much.

“I travel a lot internationally, and it is nice to have the peace of mind knowing that Redpoint is looking out for us.”

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