Redpoint Evacuates Client from Everest Base Camp

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Redpoint Evacuates Client from Everest Base Camp

Patient being loaded onto waiting helo at Everest Base Camp.

Redpoint received a call from an attending doctor at the ER clinic at Everest Base Camp, indicating that a Ripcord Rescue Travel Insurance client was experiencing severe abdominal pain, lethargy, and nausea. Despite having started her trek several days before in good health, her pain escalated rapidly, and the pain in her lower abdomen grew worse with any movement or coughing.

Redpoint launched a helicopter from nearby Lukla to immediately rescue the Ripcord client. Using identifiers provided by Redpoint, the client was spotted by the helo team upon landing and rushed to Katmandu for a thorough examination.

She was diagnosed with kidney stones in both kidneys and remained in the hospital for several days for treatment before transport home to New Zealand.


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