Redpoint dispatches medic to Mongolia to assist Ripcord client injured in a motorcycle crash

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‘Your services were excellent’

The Redpoint medic in Ulaanbaatar

Ripcord Rescue Travel Insurance client Doug Clark was motorcycling on a dirt track in Mongolia when he crashed and injured his leg. There were no cuts, he still had feeling in his toes, but he was in severe pain. He and his guides thought it was likely he had suffered a fracture.

After the group contacted Redpoint Resolutions, he was taken to a hospital in the capital Ulaanbaatar via ground transportation, and was administered pain killers along the route.

X-rays at the hospital revealed he had broken his tibia and fibula. Local doctors planned to set the fracture and place his leg in a cast. After conferring with Redpoint physicians, it was agreed that Doug would be able to fly home on his regularly scheduled departure date with the cast in place. Redpoint dispatched a paramedic to meet the patient at the Mongolian hospital, assist him at his bedside, and then escort him home to Kansas.

“My initial concern was not knowing what was happening, what the plan was,” Doug said. “When [the medic] came, he took care of everything.”

The medic escorted him through the airports and onto their business-class seats where the client was able lie flat, administer medications, and brought him home.

“I could not have gotten out of the hospital without his help,” Clark said. “Your services were excellent.”

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