Redpoint medically evacuates Ripcord client from Himalayan trek

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Extreme dehydration on route to Everest

Trekking near Lobuche

A Ripcord Rescue Travel Insurance client was trekking along the trail toward Everest Base Camp when he felt weak and nauseated and could no longer stay on his feet. The 64-year-old was exhibiting signs of Acute Mountain Sickness and became dangerously dehydrated. He was placed on oxygen, was too weak to descend on his own, and had to be evacuated off of the mountain.

Redpoint sent a helicopter to his location in Lobuche at 4910 meters (about 16,000 feet) and a little more than halfway between the trek’s starting point in Lukla and the destination at Everest Base Camp. He was flown to a clinic in Kathmandu where he was evaluated by physicians.

Blood-test results showed that he had extremely low sodium and potassium levels that were life-threatening.

In the Intensive Care Unit, his electrolyte levels were replenished intravenously and the patient was monitored for 24 hours. His condition gradually improved, follow-up lab tests showed that his sodium and potassium levels were returning to normal, and he reported feeling much better.

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