Redpoint rescues Ripcord client with snow-blindness from Everest via helicopter

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Snow-blindness at Camp 4

A climber and Ripcord client was ascending Mt. Everest when, at Camp 4, he felt an overwhelming burning sensation in his eyes and said that could not see. He slowly descended to Camp 2.

There, he was assessed by a physician on the mountain, who diagnosed him with snow blindness. The client could not safely descend to Base Camp. An expedition leader called Redpoint for an evacuation.

The evacuation route from Everest via helicopter

Redpoint dispatched a helicopter to Camp 2, at 21,500 feet, to fly him to a clinic in Kathmandu. Due to Ripcord’s unique coverage for emergent medical conditions which will result in significant injury and / or death, the Ripcord client’s rescued was covered at no expense to him.

There, doctors administered eyedrops and anti-inflammatory medication. The burning sensation almost immediately subsided, and his vision returned to normal. He was discharged and returned home safely to Virginia.

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