International Travel and Health Insurance Journal features Redpoint operations in Turkey and Africa

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‘Redpoint’s strength lies in its evacuation and extraction capabilities’

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The International Travel & Health Insurance Journal has featured Redpoint Resolutions’ services in this year’s Assistance & Repatriation Review, published this month. The Review features Redpoint’s recent missions in Turkey and the Central African Republic to illustrate its unique operational capabilities:

“Terror attacks have global repercussions, especially for the travel industry,” the article reads. “Beyond those who are directly impacted, there is a ripple effect that can alter travel itineraries for individuals and business continuity for organizations located thousands of miles away from the destruction. Redpoint Resolutions, a US-based medical and travel risk security company owned and operated by special operations veterans and physicians, relies on its experience with mass evacuations from disaster zones around the world when planning its response to a terror attack that could affect its clients at any time, and on its experience with travel assistance for those whose plans have been altered…

Beyond its travel insurance and travel assistance programs, Redpoint’s strength lies in its evacuation and extraction capabilities, highlighted by its mass evacuation of 30 members from Nepal last year after a devastating earthquake. But one of the greatest keys to its success during terror-related attacks has been, more simply, access to timely communication channels. In June, for example, Redpoint rescued a client from the Central African Republic after he was attacked by members of the Lord’s Resistance Army. The client evaded the gunmen by running in an erratic pattern across the savanna and then escaping in a bullet-holed Land Cruiser with two shot-out tires and a broken radiator. When he stopped to change the tires, the client had the time to text Redpoint operations from a Delorme inReach satellite device. Redpoint set up a rendezvous point in a remote village where its military veterans met the client and then fl ew him from a bush airstrip to a local airport, and then back to the US.

It’s a very good thing they had that device with them, considering their location,” said Redpoint operations director Al Bora. “The inReach facilitated quality two-way communication, which helped us get him out of the danger zone as quickly as possible. When a terrorist attack puts our clients at risk, the highest priority is making sure they have reliable communications. We can take care of the rest from there.”

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