Redpoint Evacuates Client with Potentially Life-threatening Illness from Antarctica.

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Redpoint Evacuates Client with Potentially Life-threatening Illness from Antarctica. An 82-year-old woman was traveling with her sister on a polar cruise to Antarctica. The trip took them to some of the world’s most rugged and remote terrain, to explore the enormous beauty of the Antarctic and its surrounding islands. Midtrip, while crossing the Drake Passage, […]

A client breaks her leg off the coast of Africa. Redpoint medically evacuates her and escorts her to Texas. 

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Escorted and assisted by paramedics A Redpoint client was aboard a boat off the shore of East Africa when a rogue wave slammed into the vessel and sent her flying. Later tests would reveal that she had fractured her femur in the fall. She was taken from the boat via inflatable raft to Assumption Island, […]

Aconcagua, take two. The ‘crazy grandma’ returns, and this time it’s personal

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Climbing for leukemia patient About nine months ago, we told you about a self-described “crazy grandma,” Ripcord client Lisa Walker, who is on a mission to climb the world’s seven highest summits. A triathlete and endurance runner and cyclist who regularly trains at altitude, Lisa was in excellent shape when she decided to take on […]

Australia eradicates millions of mosquitoes to combat dengue fever, zika, etc.

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Experiments in Brazil and California also Australia has become the latest country to successfully combat mosquito-borne disease by releasing millions of sterile male mosquitoes to decimate their own populations. The experiment carried out by scientists near Cairns, Australia, last summer was a success: It has wiped out around 80 percent of mosquitoes that carry diseases […]