Australia eradicates millions of mosquitoes to combat dengue fever, zika, etc.

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Experiments in Brazil and California also Australia has become the latest country to successfully combat mosquito-borne disease by releasing millions of sterile male mosquitoes to decimate their own populations. The experiment carried out by scientists near Cairns, Australia, last summer was a success: It has wiped out around 80 percent of mosquitoes that carry diseases […]

‘Crazy Grandma’ is off to Mt. Aconcagua on Seven Summit quest

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Helicopter evacs for younger friends, but no one escapes travel nightmares Lisa Walker is a self-described “crazy grandma” on a mission. She runs endurance races. Competes in national triathlon championships. At 58, she has bested fellow climbers half her age in summiting peaks in the Himalaya. She has seen much younger friends suffer from HAPE […]