Medical Evacuation for Ripcord Client from Everest due to Severe Frostbite

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Redpoint evacuated a forty-year-old climber from Everest base camp due to possible frostbite in his right foot. While not uncommon in severe colder climates, without immediate attention frostbite in a location as extreme as Everest can quickly turn dire and permanent tissue damage or loss can occur. The Benefits of Ripcord’s Medical Evacuation and Travel […]

A client breaks her leg off the coast of Africa. Redpoint medically evacuates her and escorts her to Texas. 

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Escorted and assisted by paramedics A Redpoint client was aboard a boat off the shore of East Africa when a rogue wave slammed into the vessel and sent her flying. Later tests would reveal that she had fractured her femur in the fall. She was taken from the boat via inflatable raft to Assumption Island, […]