Adventure motorcyclists recommend Ripcord on ‘Adventure Rider Radio’

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Choose a travel medical insurance policy without limitations, bikers say

travel medical insurance

“Some insurance policies don’t allow for air transportation cover and I’m not just talking about repatriation here. I’m talking about, let’s say you fall of your bike in the middle of the desert in Namibia and some policies will pay for you to be picked up in a Land Rover. If you’ve had a big-time spill, that’s not very fun. You want an insurance policy that will pick you up in a helicopter or by light plane. It’s worth paying the extra money.”

That’s the assessment of British adventure motorcyclist and author Sam Manicom who has had more than his share of accidents abroad  — speaking on ‘Adventure Rider Radio RAW’ in a recent episode.

The six adventure motorcyclists were discussing the limitations of many travel medical insurance policies – medical questionnaires, unpaid claims, and even limitations on engine size.

“One of the keys with medical insurance is to make sure you are actually covered for the size of bike you’re riding,” Manicom continued, “because many of them, they talk about travel insurance and in the small print you’ve got a maximum of 125cc’s.”

“We have high hopes for Ripcord,” Grant Johnson of Horizons Unlimited chimed in. “One of the things we’ve discussed with them is that it must cover any size of motorcycle anywhere and they agreed.”

“We deal regularly with Ripcord,” Johnson said. “They’ll pick you up, fly you out, fly you home, whatever, and it’s not that expensive. We’re talking about $400 per year. They will literally pick you up in the furthest reaches of the Himalayas in a helicopter and get you home. Why wouldn’t you buy that?”

You can hear the whole episode here.

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