TV personality and legendary outdoorsman Larry Weishun switches to Ripcord

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‘Head afield without Ripcord?  I don’t think so!’

Legendary “Mr. Whitetail”, Larry Weishuhn, host and owner of “DSC’s Trailing the Hunter Moon” has switched over to Ripcord Rescue Travel Insurance™ to protect himself while hunting all over the world.

“It makes no difference whether I’m hunting in the jess of Africa, the European Alps, the tundra of Canada, coastal Alaska or in my backyard in the Brush Country of South Texas,” Weishun said, “I’ve always got my Ripcord card with me.”

Weishun is one of the world’s most popular and recognized wildlife biologist, outdoor writer, book author, speaker and outdoor television show personality. He has hunted big game throughout the world including extensively in North America and Africa, but also in Europe, Asia, South America, New Zealand and Australia.

“Head afield without my Ripcord card? I don’t think so.” – Larry Weishuhn

A graduate of Texas A&M University and a professional wildlife biologist, he has long been in involved in a variety of wildlife research including work with such varied animals as desert bighorn sheep and alligators. He has established quality wildlife management programs on over 12,000,000 acres across North America and other parts of the world.

Ripcord Rescue Travel Insurance™ combines the best medevac and rescue insurance with travel insurance benefits such as trip cancellation, trip interruption, lost baggage, primary medical expense coverages, and more. Ripcord is powered by Redpoint Resolutions, a medical and travel risk security company owned and operated by special operations veterans and physicians.

Operating for over a half decade, Redpoint covers almost 10 million people worldwide and has evacuated clients from all seven continents.

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