Ripcord rescues client from Everest at 21,000 feet

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Severe frost bite at Camp 2 requires medical evacuation

Mount Everest

A climber and Ripcord Rescue Travel Insurance client was descending from a successful summit of Mount Everest when the moisture in his boots caused severe frostbite in his toes. He could not continue any further. His team contacted our Redpoint operations team via satellite phone for an evacuation.

Redpoint launched a Eurocopter AS350 B3 helicopter to rescue him from the helipad at Everest’s Camp 2. At 21,000 feet, Camp 2 is one of the highest points in the world for a medical evacuation.

(The AS350 B3 was the model flown in a record-setting brief landing on the peak of Everest at 29,030 feet on May 14, 2005. Also, in April of 2010, a stripped-down AS350 B3 rescued three Spanish climbers, one at a time, from the slopes of Annapurna at an altitude of 22,640: the current record for a high-altitude rescue.)

The Ripcord client was flown to a clinic in Kathmandu and taken immediately to the Critical Care Unit. On-site doctors treated the frostbite, with Redpoint physicians advising.

It has been a deadly season on Everest, with four climbers killed this week, bringing the total for the 2017 season to six.

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