Ripcord reimburses canceled Namibia trip after a death in the family; climber reimbursed for trip delay to Nepal

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Benefits of comprehensive travel insurance

A Texas man canceled his planned trip to Africa after his mother’s death, and Ripcord reimbursed for his and his son’s insured trip cost. The 94-year old woman had fallen and broke her hip. She was taken to a local intensive care unit, and after two surgeries, passed away. Her son was the sole guardian. As Ripcord comprehensive travel insurance clients, the Texas man and his son were each reimbursed for their insured trip costs of $6,000 each. —- A climber and Ripcord Comprehensive Travel Insurance client was en route to Nepal when his flight from London-Heathrow was delayed for more than 2 hours, causing him to miss his connecting flight in Bangkok.

The client still made it to Kathmandu for his climbing trip, but he incurred unexpected hotel costs in London and taxis to and from the airport, amounting to about $300. Ripcord reimbursed him for the charges.

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