Ripcord finds lost luggage and delivers it before concerned couple makes attempt at Kilimanjaro

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From baggage limbo to a Tanzanian lodge

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A Ripcord client arrived in Arusha, Tanzania, ready to climb Mt. Kilimanjaro on the trip of a lifetime with her boyfriend. All of the elements of a memorable adventure travel vacation were there except for one important thing: their luggage.

All the gear they needed for their African summit was inside that bag: hiking shoes, windbreakers, the works. Either they tried to buy all of their goods at a store in the African hinterland and make an insurance claim later, or hope that Ripcord could find their gear before departure. The comprehensive-insurance clients called Redpoint Operations and set the search in motion.

Redpoint Operations staff immediately went to work, repeatedly calling the airlines to find the right luggage tags.  Redpoint found the missing bags and delivered them to the couple’s remote lodge near the base of Kilimanjaro. The bags arrived at their room one day after they were lost, and a night before they were to start climbing.

The couple has since left on their trek, well-heeled and well-equipped with their own gear.

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