Ripcord clients off to Greenland to ski ‘the wildest terrain on Earth’

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We wanted an insurance company with a reputation for working off the beaten path’

The Greenland fjords
Tara and Jeff Requist have been to Greenland before, but this time around, it’s going to be different. “It was kind of a touristy thing the last time we were there,” Tara said. “This time, we were looking for something human-powered.” The couple, from Alaska and Colorado respectively, are no strangers to skis and snow, so they searched around for the kind of wild and frosty adventure they wouldn’t be able to do with children later in life, she said.
Tara Requist
They decided on a nordic-ski tour of the fjords of Greenland: towing at least 50 pounds of gear behind them in a sledge, and camping out in the challenging temperatures. The tour operator, Pirhuk, describes the trip as “175 km through some of the wildest terrain on earth.”
“Our journey will start by Inuit dog sled, then continue by ski and sledge via huge glaciers to the heart of the Schweizerland Alps, before returning on the sea ice of the fjords,” they write. Altogether they will cover about 15km a day, with almost no inhabited terrain along the way.
Jeff Requist
Both Tara and Jeff are veterans of the travel industry (she ran a lodge in Denali National Park for years) and so the next thing she did after booking the trip was search for suitable travel insurance. “I was looking online for some travel insurance that was meant for an extreme adventure like this, and found Ripcord Rescue Travel Insurance.”
After researching Ripcord’s blog, Tara called in and spoke with Redpoint Client Services. There was an initial discussion about whether a trip like this might require a polar upgrade – additional insurance for those traveling within the Arctic Circle or most of Antarctica. As it turned out, the entirety of Tara and Jeff’s trip unfolded under the Arctic Circle, and therefore was covered under a standard evacuation plan within their Ripcord comprehensive travel insurance policy.
She was happy with the choice.
“Rescue travel insurance is vital for recreating in wild, remote regions but one resource you hope you never have to use,” Tara said. “Ripcord offers superior coverage for our upcoming trip to East Greenland, and we wanted a company that had the evacuation expertise and reputation for working in off-the-beaten path locations.”
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