Ripcord and BookYourHunt team up to take the worry out of hunters’ travel

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‘Because Ripcord is the rescue and evacuation provider of choice for Jim Shockey, we know it is the most reliable choice for our travelers’


If you are an adventurer at heart, you crave the thrill of sizing up that ‘big catch’ while wild-game hunting on rugged Canadian terrainstalking bears around the breathtaking volcanoes of Kamchatka or searching for antelope in the hot and magnetic African savanna. You also know that there can be risks involved in any type of travel and that your other insurance may not always travel with you. And your typical insurance plan will not come to rescue you in the bush or on a mountain.

Elks in Canadian Rockies 
That’s why the leading marketplace for hunters, BookYourHunt, and the world’s one-stop integrated travel protection program for adventurers, Ripcord Rescue Travel Insurance™, have partnered to bring hunters peace of mind, knowing that no matter what sort of emergency they face away from home, Ripcord has their backs. “At BookYourHunt, our goal is to provide our customers with the widest selection of hunts for the best price and best service we can possibly provide. Safety of our customers when in the field is also a paramount concern. We are proud to offer the world’s top rescue travel insurance to our customers on all of our hunts, making the hunt-planning experience as simple and seamless as possible,” said founder Aleksei Agafonov. “Because Ripcord is the rescue and evacuation provider of choice for our partner Jim Shockey, we know it is the most reliable and professional choice for our traveling hunters.” “We at BookYourHunt are all hunters as well so we clearly see the need and value of the best travel protection. Ripcord is leading the industry in this field. We all use Ripcord protection personally so it is only natural to offer it to our customers. Ripcord also shares the same passion for sustainable use conservation and gives back by supporting many of the same organizations as BookYourHunt does which only adds to the natural synergy between our companies.” said North American Managing Director James Reed. BookYourHunt was founded in 2015 with the goal of providing the best and most complete marketplace for hunters to search and book hunts while providing complete transparency. Now in 2017 it has grown to offer 2600+ available hunts from over 350 outfitters in 43 countries – and you can find them all in one place. The idea of finding and booking a hunt quickly and comfortably has become more and more popular with both hunters and outfitters. Please visit the BookYourHunt website today to learn more.
Muskoxen on the ice glazed land of Greenland

Ripcord Rescue Travel Insurance™ combines the best medevac and rescue insurance with travel insurance benefits such as trip cancellation, trip interruption, lost baggage, primary medical expense coverages, and more. Ripcord is powered by Redpoint Resolutions, a medical and travel risk security company owned and operated by special operations veterans and physicians.

Redpoint covers almost 10 million people worldwide and has evacuated clients from all seven continents.

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