Redpoint assists woman hurt on a bumpy boat ride in Mongolia

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No nerve damage, spinal injury

A Redpoint client reported one of their travelers had injured her back on a boat in Mongolia. Shortly before sunset, the group was on a bumpy ride when they hit a particularly large wave. The patient was in the front seat, and the wave caused her to slam into the side of the boat, hit-ting her right flank on a small handle. The tour guide was concerned that she may have sus-tained a serious injury. A Redpoint paramedic telephonically assessed her injury and was able to rule out any nerve or spinal damage. Additionally, she complained of heat exhaustion when she arrived at the hotel, and after assessing her symptoms the paramedic was able to assure her and the guide that it was not a heat stroke episode. Medical staff agreed that she should take Ibuprofen and aspirin alternately. Redpoint continued to stay in touch with the guide over the next few days, and after she rehy-drated with electrolyte solution and got some rest, the client soon recovered and was able to resume her tour of Mongolia.

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