Redpoint helps knife-wound victim with limb-saving evacuation from Mexico

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Applying a tourniquet in the mountains

The mountains of Mexico
Josh Whitaker was guiding in Coahuila, Mexico, and using his knife when it slipped and punctured his leg. He was left with a gaping, rapidly bleeding wound in a remote ranch in the mountains. As Josh’s brother, Jason, controlled the bleeding with direct pressure, his team members with Worldwide Trophy Adventures called Redpoint Operations. By satellite text, Redpoint medics instructed Josh’s team how to place an improvised tourniquet above the wound if necessary. Once bleeding was controlled, Redpoint communicated with the group about their ground transportation at a nearby location, so that Josh could be taken to a local airstrip. His team was able to board their camp’s fixed-wing aircraft to evacuate them to a Texas hospital. There, Josh was stabilized and was taken via helicopter to a military hospital in San Antonio that specializes in these kinds of limb-saving treatments. His leg was spared from amputation.  
The Whitaker brothers
WTA CEO Mark Peterson, a Ripcord client who has used Ripcord’s services in the past, said it was time to get all of his team signed up with Ripcord, and that he will never let his friends or team mates travel without Ripcord again. “Again, someone close to me was in need of help in a far off destination,” Peterson said. “This time it was two of my closest friends and business partners Jason and Josh Whitaker. Josh suffered a bad cut on his leg and was unable to walk. And again, Ripcord came to the rescue and helped when others couldn’t. I may sound like a broken record but if you are hunting, hiking, or traveling in remote destinations you need to have Ripcord. I know that if it comes down to it they will get me out when others won’t!!!”

Jason Whitaker writes, “Ripcord not only gets you out of a bad situation, but they also tell you step by step what to do during the emergency as they did with me while helping my twin brother after he got hurt on the side of a mountain in Mexico.”

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