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Redpoint evacuates Ripcord client suffering from HAPE near Everest

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Father and son evacuated by helicopter

trekking travel insurance

A 68-year-old Ripcord Rescue Travel Insurance client had made it to the final camp before the base of Mt. Everest when he found himself unable to continue his trek. He had a bad cough, a rapid heartbeat and a severely low blood-oxygen level. The group was camped in Gorakshep, at 17,000 feet elevation.

The client’s tour leader called Redpoint operations, whose medical staff monitored his progress as he was placed on supplemental oxygen, improving his condition. When oxygen was removed, however, he quickly worsened. Redpoint medical staff, cooperating with the tour operator, decided  to medically evacuate the Ripcord client by helicopter.

Redpoint dispatched a helicopter to fly the client and his son from Gorakshep to a clinic in Kathmandu. There, he was diagnosed with acute High Altitude Pulmonary Edema, and doctors prescribed him an antibiotic for an upper respiratory infection. He was discharged, and doctors instructed him to return to the clinic after two days for further evaluation so they could clear him for air travel. He and his son have returned safely to Canada.

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