Redpoint evacuates Ripcord client suffering from altitude sickness near Everest

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Helicopter rescue from Gorakshep

Redpoint evacuated a Ripcord Rescue Travel Insurance client from near the base of Mt. Everest, after she exhibited signs of severe altitude sickness. On the final ascent to Everest Base Camp, the 38-year-old client reported to her tour operators that she had been suffering from nausea, headaches and general weakness throughout her body for the previous two days. She contacted her husband via cell phone to make him aware of her condition, who then contacted Redpoint operations. Because Ripcord covers emergent medical conditions even if they do not require hospitalization, which is common for high altitude sickness, Redpoint’s team of paramedics, nurses and military veterans quickly activated local rescue transportation assets. As is common in the Himalayas, weather conditions threatened to prevent an immediate helicopter evacuation. Because her condition was worsening and she needed to descend to a lower altitude quickly, Redpoint medical staff established alternative ground transportation in the event weather prevented helicopter rescue – a horseback descent. The horse was present at the landing zone, ready if needed, when the helicopter arrived. Redpoint evacuated the Ripcord client by helicopter from the Gorakshep camp, to a clinic in Kathmandu for immediate medical treatment and stabilization in preparation for a flight home.

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Redpoint covers almost 10 million people worldwide and has evacuated clients from all seven continents.