In Bangkok, Redpoint VP presents strategies to protect employees detained by foreign governments

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Interrogated, detained and hospitalized in India for an illegal satellite device

Redpoint Vice President Ted Muhlner was at the International Travel and Health Insurance Conference – Asia Pacific (ITIC – APAC), presenting strategies to companies on how to prepare for, and react to, an employee’s detention by a foreign government.

In one recent Redpoint case, a 31-year-old American citizen was arrested in India for the possession of a satellite tracking device. (In India, Iridium and Globalstar sat phones are illegal for civilian use.) The man was taken to a local police station for interrogation, and then detained at multiple locations until he was allowed to speak to an attorney.

Redpoint worked through local diplomatic channels to improve communications, and assisted him with accommodation and transportation as he was being released. Ultimately the man paid the legal fines, and was allowed to exit the country before his custody expired.

At the ITIC-APAC conference in Bangkok, Muhlner described the critical importance for assistance companies to have relationships with local consulate and embassy personnel as well as other regional resources to secure a client’s release. The case also provided an interesting look at the potential to obtain an emergency passport, when the original passport is being held by the local government, in order to depart the country. Finally, it underscored the importance of advance travel education, planning and awareness services as a means to help clients avoid trouble and expense to the company.

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