Redpoint delivers emergency U.S. passport to Ripcord clients in Bora Bora

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The Redpoint operator arrives at the client’s location in Bora Bora

A 4-year-old without a passport

A mother and her four -year-old had arrived at the airport in Bora Bora, only to realize that the U.S. passport the child was carrying was invalid. Before the trip, they thought they had lost the passport, so they had it voided and obtained a new one, only to bring the recently found canceled one instead.

French Polynesian authorities allowed the Ripcord Recue Travel Insurance clients entry into the country after the child’s father sent them a scanned copy of the new passport, but customs officials said they would be prevented from leaving until they had obtained the valid passport.

The family contacted Redpoint Resolutions to arrange for the new passport to be delivered in person to Bora Bora, a service that Ripcord clients are provided for an additional fee.

Redpoint collected the passport in the United States, flew to Bora Bora and hand-delivered it to the clients in time for their return flight.

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