Ripcord helps motorcyclist with broken leg in Slovakia

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‘Once again, Ripcord made our lives as tour guides much easier’

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Beach’s group rolls through Eastern Europe

A Ripcord Rescue Travel Insurance client, Jane, was motorcycling through Slovakia when she crashed and broke her leg. Her tour guides at Beach’s Motorcycle Adventures rushed her to the hospital in their support van. There, she received x-rays that determined she had fractured her fibula.

Her leg was put in a cast, but Jane decided to continue the trip through Eastern Europe in a rental car. “I was going to be hurting and miserable at home anyway, so I thought I might as well be in pain and see some sights. In the end it was a good decision, I wasn’t sitting in pain at home and I got to see Romania,” she said.

“After the crash, we immediately contacted Ripcord. Everybody there was so wonderful. They kept on top of everything, translated medical documents from Slovakian, etc. It’s not a good feeling being in a foreign hospital where you don’t speak the language or understand what is going on, so it was just really comforting knowing that there was someone there looking after your interests, overseeing your care and checking in with you regularly.”

Ripcord upgraded her seats to business class on the flight home, and assisted her with wheelchair escorts on either end.

“Ripcord made sure I was in business seats where I could stretch out, since I couldn’t bend my leg in the cast. From the moment they met us in Budapest they got us through security, through all the airports with a wheelchair, they were just wonderful.”

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“Having someone navigate the airports for us, and being attentive to every detail, I didn’t have to worry about a thing. It helped ease my mind. People should know how fabulous a company this is,” Jane said.

“Once again, Ripcord made our life as tour guides so much easier,” said Beach’s Motorcycle Adventures co-owner Gretchen Beach. “When an unfortunate incident occurs on tour, the trouble is having the time and ability to give all of our clients the time and attention they deserve while also managing to pay special attention to the injured clients.

“Thanks to Ripcord, we now have a partner who is able to pay much more attention to making sure the injured parties are comfortable and taken care of. Ripcord is an invaluable asset to our tours.”

Ripcord Rescue Travel Insurance™ combines the best medevac and rescue insurance with travel insurance benefits such as trip cancellation, trip interruption, lost baggage, primary medical expense coverages, and more. Ripcord is powered by Redpoint Resolutions, a medical and travel risk security company owned and operated by special operations veterans and physicians.

Redpoint covers almost 10 million people worldwide and has evacuated clients from all seven continents.

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