Redpoint paramedic Colin Koster brings years of experience bringing medical infrastructure and other aid to Middle East

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With U.S. Army Civil Affairs, building hospitals and EMS, and helping Syrian refugees The U.S. Army missions we often hear about on the news involve combat missions, special operations, and maybe a story about the Corps of Engineers. What we less often hear about are the service men and women out of uniform, in war-torn […]

Ripcord client Scott Limmer discusses his extraction from gunmen’s attack in CAR

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‘Thank God for Ripcord. Get me outta there.’ Ripcord client Scott Limmer was traveling in the Central African Republic when he suddenly found himself under machine gun fire from nine soldiers of the Lord’s Resistance Army. He contacted Redpoint operations via two-way satellite device, and Redpoint flew him out of the jungle with a twin-prop […]

Ripcord partners with the Wilderness Medical Society

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The WMS has been a leader in the field since 1983 Ripcord Rescue Travel Insurance partners with the Wilderness Medical Society, whose mission is to advance healthcare, research, and education related to wilderness medicine.  “Working with and supporting the Wilderness Medical Society is a natural fit for our Ripcord Rescue Travel Insurance program.  Ripcord combines […]