Redpoint evacuates Ripcord client suffering from altitude sickness near Everest

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Helicopter rescue from Gorakshep Redpoint evacuated a Ripcord Rescue Travel Insurance client from near the base of Mt. Everest, after she exhibited signs of severe altitude sickness. On the final ascent to Everest Base Camp, the 38-year-old client reported to her tour operators that she had been suffering from nausea, headaches and general weakness throughout […]

NRA calls Ripcord ‘lifeline to outdoor adventurers’

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‘Perfect for traveling deep into remote lands’   Outdoorsmen know the risk of a medical emergency in a remote location. Here’s the NRA’s recommendation on keeping safe.  Jason Brown writes on the NRA blog:   “You’re trekking through a craggy ravine, deep in the rocky expanses of a dried-up riverbed. Scrambling from boulder to boulder, […]

Ripcord client rescued by helicopter from Everest

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‘Redpoint provided top-notch care, and allowed me to sleep,’ the mother said Two young women, both Ripcord Rescue Travel InsuranceTM clients, were hiking to Everest Base Camp when one of the friends began to experience altitude sickness. She felt dizzy, developed pulmonary symptoms including a productive cough and a burning sensation in her lungs, and eventually […]

Redpoint rescues client via helicopter after he was kicked by a horse

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Fractures to the tibia and kneecap One of Redpoint’s Ripcord Rescue Travel Insurance™ clients was at a remote camp by the Mountain Creek in Wyoming, when a wandering grizzly bear spooked one of the horses in his group. The spooked horse, in its frenzy, kicked the client in the leg. The client had significant swelling and […]