In Bangkok, Redpoint VP presents strategies to protect employees detained by foreign governments

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Interrogated, detained and hospitalized in India for an illegal satellite device Redpoint Vice President Ted Muhlner was at the International Travel and Health Insurance Conference – Asia Pacific (ITIC – APAC), presenting strategies to companies on how to prepare for, and react to, an employee’s detention by a foreign government. In one recent Redpoint case, […]

Redpoint paramedic Colin Koster brings years of experience bringing medical infrastructure and other aid to Middle East

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With U.S. Army Civil Affairs, building hospitals and EMS, and helping Syrian refugees The U.S. Army missions we often hear about on the news involve combat missions, special operations, and maybe a story about the Corps of Engineers. What we less often hear about are the service men and women out of uniform, in war-torn […]

Redpoint steps in to help traveling clients whose pet was in the emergency room

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Scooter is recovering nicely A cat sitter hired by traveling Redpoint clients called into report that their pet cat, Scooter, had to go to the emergency room, but she was unable to contact the travelers because of language barriers at the hotel. Scooter required an emergency intervention for a urinary tract blockage, and the pet […]