Redpoint medics assist Ripcord client with renal failure on safari in Mozambique

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‘Are you willing to get yourself killed for a hundred bucks?’ A Ripcord Rescue Travel Insurance (a Redpoint Resolutions brand) client, Wayne Dawson, was just starting his safari in Mozambique when he began feeling feverish and experienced difficulty urinating. When he arrived at camp and started to feel very sick and dehydrated, the guide said […]

Ripcord medically evacuates trekker with altitude sickness near Everest

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A helicopter arrives at daybreak A Ripcord client was almost halfway through her two-week trek to Everest Base Camp and back when she started to experience difficulty breathing, nausea, coughing up fluids and shifting colors in vision. Her tour guide immediately called Redpoint. Redpoint’s medical team recommended she receive supplemental oxygen and a steroid overnight […]

Redpoint helps knife-wound victim with limb-saving evacuation from Mexico

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Applying a tourniquet in the mountains Josh Whitaker was guiding in Coahuila, Mexico, and using his knife when it slipped and punctured his leg. He was left with a gaping, rapidly bleeding wound in a remote ranch in the mountains. As Josh’s brother, Jason, controlled the bleeding with direct pressure, his team members with Worldwide […]

Ripcord helps motorcyclist with broken leg in Slovakia

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‘Once again, Ripcord made our lives as tour guides much easier’ A Ripcord Rescue Travel Insurance client, Jane, was motorcycling through Slovakia when she crashed and broke her leg. Her tour guides at Beach’s Motorcycle Adventures rushed her to the hospital in their support van. There, she received x-rays that determined she had fractured her […]