Ripcord client faces kidney-failure scare in Cameroon. Redpoint medically assists

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Dizzy and dehydrated in the West African bush A Ripcord Rescue Travel Insurance client was on safari in remote northern Cameroon when he began to feel sick — dehydrated, nauseated and experiencing difficulty urinating. A physician himself, he thought it could be related to his diabetes, believed there was a risk he could go into […]

Redpoint medics assist Ripcord client with renal failure on safari in Mozambique

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‘Are you willing to get yourself killed for a hundred bucks?’ A Ripcord Rescue Travel Insurance (a Redpoint Resolutions brand) client, Wayne Dawson, was just starting his safari in Mozambique when he began feeling feverish and experienced difficulty urinating. When he arrived at camp and started to feel very sick and dehydrated, the guide said […]