Redpoint medics assist Ripcord client with renal failure on safari in Mozambique

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‘Are you willing to get yourself killed for a hundred bucks?’ A Ripcord Rescue Travel Insurance (a Redpoint Resolutions brand) client, Wayne Dawson, was just starting his safari in Mozambique when he began feeling feverish and experienced difficulty urinating. When he arrived at camp and started to feel very sick and dehydrated, the guide said […]

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Redpoint sends medics to Rome to care for a man with life-threatening illness

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“You guys were the best and will never be forgotten” A California couple were on an around-the-world trip, when the husband fell gravely ill and very nearly died. He had merely stubbed his toe in Japan, but by the time the couple arrived in Europe, that injury had developed into an internal infection with life-threatening […]

California couple thanks Ripcord for help in Africa after a broken wrist ends trip

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‘Ripcord certainly earned a Bravo Zulu from us’ Redpoint Resolutions’ leadership team recently received an email from a husband and wife, both Ripcord Rescue Travel Insurance clients, who experienced a medical emergency in the middle of the Indian Ocean, off the coast of Tanzania. Here is their letter: You might recall that my wife and […]