San Francisco Chronicle travel expert highlights Ripcord

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Planning a bucket list trip Travel expert Chris McGinnis interviewed Redpoint Resolutions Vice President Tom Bochnowski for the San Francisco Chronicle’s website,, highlighting some of the missions that Redpoint has performed for Ripcord Rescue Travel Insurance clients. Who would come to your rescue if something went wrong on that big, far-flung trip? Who would come pluck you […]

California 12-year-old denied permission to climb Everest due to new restrictions

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No data to suggest a 12-year-old is at greater medical risk at altitude, says Redpoint advisor Paul Auerbach A 12-year-old from Yorba Linda, California, will have to wait at least another year before attempting to be the youngest person to summit Mt Everest, he found out over the weekend. Tyler Armstrong was attempting this month […]

Redpoint medical director leads rafting trip for graduate students in the Grand Canyon

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‘This is about as far away from the world as you can get’ Dr. Avi Patil took off his Redpoint Medical Director cap last month and put on his whitewater rafting helmet for an 18-day, 225-mile trip through the heart of the Grand Canyon. There were bighorn sheep, endangered condors, Anasazi ruins, geology lessons from […]