California couple thanks Ripcord for help in Africa after a broken wrist ends trip

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‘Ripcord certainly earned a Bravo Zulu from us’

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Cape Town, South Africa
Redpoint Resolutions’ leadership team recently received an email from a husband and wife, both Ripcord Rescue Travel Insurance clients, who experienced a medical emergency in the middle of the Indian Ocean, off the coast of Tanzania. Here is their letter: You might recall that my wife and I went on a cruise from Dubai to Cape Town. We chose Ripcord as our evacuation insurance as we did for our 7-month around the world cruise in 2015. I signed up for the insurance, as I believe most people do, as a precautionary step, “just in case something happened”. About half way through our cruise, in the middle of the Indian Ocean, my wife fell while on board our ship and broke her wrist. The doctor on board was very good and although she was able to set her wrist she informed us that she would need to have surgery- the sooner the better. This of course threw our planned cruise vacation into a tizzy with unexpected decisions to be made and numerous concerns about how we execute our now unplanned travel. After numerous discussions with the on board medical staff and with doctors at home, we decided to have or surgery in Cape Town So. Africa. Now the problem was how do we get there? I contacted Ripcord via email from our ship in the Indian Ocean. After a few communications with your staff discussing her condition and the various possible departure locations, it was decided we should depart from Zanzibar, Tanzania on December 11, 2016 on our way to Cape Town. This travel plan, by necessity, had stops in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania, Johannesburg, South Africa and finally Cape Town. We are adventurous by nature but we were certainly apprehensive about this trip due to her injury and because we had never been to any of these locations before. How would the tickets be handled? How would we get to the airport in Zanzibar? And many other questions about transfers and airport connections along the way. What a relief it was when we arrived in Zanzibar and found a Ripcord couple waiting for us at the end of the gangway after we checked out of the ship. They took our bags to the car and helped Deanna along the way. After a brief introduction, they ran us through where we would be headed and the details of our itinerary. Since we had some time before our plane departed Zanzibar they toured us around the locale and then drove us to the airport. They discussed the various stops we would have and how to navigate the various airports along the way. Once at the Zanzibar airport, they helped us with our bags and walked us to the security counter ensuring we were Ok with all our arrangements and felt comfortable with our travel to Cape Town. Unfortunately, we no longer have the names of the man & woman in Zanzibar who helped us but if you have the capability of reaching out to them, please pass on our thanks and our appreciation for all they did for us. The same goes for your personnel in your Operation Center who I emailed and talked with to set up this medical evacuation travel. I must say I was not aware of the Ripcord process so I may have been a bit overbearing at first. But your personnel could sense my concerns and they were extremely helpful in explaining to me why they had so many questions and how they would handle everything we needed. Ripcord’s handling of our needs was extremely professional and on the mark. Their first concern was for my wife and the extent of her injuries and what she might require on our flights. They made the arrangement, got us the tickets, ensured a couple met us at the ship and gave us their contact info that we would need along our way. The travel from Zanzibar to Cape Town went without a hitch. Your personnel followed up with us once we arrived in Cape Town to ensure all went well. We met with a hand surgeon on Dec 13th in Cape Town and had the surgery that evening. I made your Ops Center personnel aware of this and they even followed up after the surgery to ensure Deanna was well. The surgery was a great success and we were even able to fly back to our ship and continue our cruise. I have told dozens of friends about our delight with Ripcord and how well your staff handled our situation. Please let your personnel know how much we appreciated their concern and their handling of our situation. It meant a lot to us to have such a group in our corner when we needed them. In the Navy & Marine Corps, you would give organizations a Bravo Zulu (BZ) for a job well done. Ripcord certainly earned a BZ from us. Thanks again. Best regards, T. and D.

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