Cabela’s CLUB selects Ripcord as preferred rescue travel insurance provider

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Cabela’s CLUB has selected Ripcord Rescue Travel Insurance™ as its preferred partner for rescue travel insurance for guests participating in their Signature Outdoor Adventures and The Experience events. Ripcord provides comprehensive coverage and services for adventurers with remote rescue, emergency evacuation, medical expense coverage, trip cancellation/interruption, baggage loss and more.

“Our Signature Outdoor Adventures and The Experience events take place in remote locations from Texas to South Africa, from Argentina to Scotland. Having a trustworthy rescue travel insurance partner is essential,” said Adam Bender with Cabela’s. “Ripcord has earned a reputation as the most trusted name in travel protection and insurance for hunters. We are highly confident in both recommending and providing their services to our Cabela’s CLUB Black and Silver tier cardholders.”

Going afield brings along the inherent risk of becoming injured or ill. Travel insurance gives hunters the freedom to focus on the adventure.

“It is an honor to be selected by such a recognized name in the hunting industry as Cabela’s,” said Tom Bochnowski, Vice President for Redpoint Resolutions (Ripcord’s parent company). “We have a depth of experience rescuing and reimbursing hunters faced with emergencies and financial loss around the world. Just like Cabela’s, we’re focused on providing the best customer experience in our industry, so our clients can enjoy their adventures with peace of mind.”

Along with many major hunting and conservation groups, such as Pheasants Forever & Quail Forever, Texas Wildlife Association, Conservation Force and Boone & Crockett, Ripcord is recommended by the major African professional hunters’ organizations, including endorsements from APHA, NAPHA, PHASA, TPHA, and ZPHGA. Ripcord is also the recommended evacuation and rescue program for hunters Jim Shockey, Larry Weishuhn and Mark Peterson.

About Cabela’s Signature Outdoor Adventures and The Experience
Cabela’s Signature Outdoor Adventures and The Experience events are exclusively available to Cabela’s CLUB Black and Silver tier cardholders. Cabela’s partners with best outfitters and brands around the world to secure the best dates at the most sought-after locations just for their cardholders. As an added bonus each trip comes with a dedicated Cabela’s host and professional photographer.
“Ripcord is the real deal and a must on every hunt. I put my trust in their team of special operations veterans and medical professionals when I’m hunting, and so should you.” – JIM SHOCKEY

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