A client’s climb is interrupted by heart problems, Ripcord reimburses $9K

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A Ripcord Rescue Travel Insurance client was at Everest Base Camp when he began to experience an abnormally fast heart rate. The client descended, but unfortunately, the lower altitude didn’t decrease his heart rate, so Redpoint medically evacuated him to a clinic in Kathmandu, where doctors diagnosed him with supraventricular tachycardia. He was treated in […]

Gear Junkie calls Ripcord the ‘most comprehensive service of its kind’

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‘A titan of the insurance industry’ “Ripcord is the most comprehensive service of its kind,” according to an article this month in Gear Junkie magazine. “Backed by Redpoint Resolutions, a titan of the insurance industry, its policies cover everything from lost luggage to emergency extractions in far-flung corners of the globe. Whether you’re pinned down by […]

Australia eradicates millions of mosquitoes to combat dengue fever, zika, etc.

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Experiments in Brazil and California also Australia has become the latest country to successfully combat mosquito-borne disease by releasing millions of sterile male mosquitoes to decimate their own populations. The experiment carried out by scientists near Cairns, Australia, last summer was a success: It has wiped out around 80 percent of mosquitoes that carry diseases […]

Ripcord reimburses client $8K after chest infection cuts trekking trip short in Nepal

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A helicopter evacuation to Kathmandu A Ripcord client was trekking near Everest Base Camp when he began to feel severe headaches and nausea, to the extent that his tour leaders recommended descent. His symptoms did not improve at a lower elevation, he was unable to continue, and was evacuated via helicopter to Kathmandu. At the […]