ABC News in San Francisco Bay Area reviews Ripcord: highlighted as the ‘Best Travel Insurance’

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‘Travel insurance on steroids’

Ripcord Rescue Travel InsuranceTM was highlighted as “the best travel insurance” this week on ABC News Bay Area and San Francisco. “You can think of it as travel insurance on steroids,” notes Seven On Your Side reporter Michael Finney.

With standard travel insurance, Finney says, “If your luggage is lost, your flight delayed, and if you’re traveling when there’s an act of terrorism or a natural disaster, your expenses will often be covered, but it will be up to you to make arrangements to get out of that bad situation, unless, you’re covered by Bay Area-based Ripcord Rescue Travel Insurance. Along with all the usual coverage, it offers evacuation and rescue.”

Watch the news segment here:

Ripcord Rescue Travel Insurance™ combines the best medevac and rescue insurance with travel insurance benefits such as trip cancellation, trip interruption, lost baggage, primary medical expense coverages, and more. Ripcord is powered by Redpoint Resolutions, a medical and travel risk security company owned and operated by special operations veterans and physicians.

Redpoint covers over 9 million people worldwide.

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